Custom Work

We love to collaborate with other brands that align with our own values and vision by creating patterns and artwork that are made just for you. If you're interested in working with us, please reach out to with a detailed description of your project, and deadlines.


Brands We've Worked With


Dough Subscription Box


Dough has created a platform to elevate womxn-owned brands while empowering others to shop from brands that have been founded, or co-founded by womxn. Learn more here

We worked with the Dough team to create a custom surface pattern for their Spring subsciption box which included a selection of hand-picked items made by womxn for all subscription members. 



HausWitch Secret Spells Pillows


HausWitch Home + Healing is a modern, metaphysical lifestyle brand and shop. They combine the principles of earth magic, meditation, herbalism, and interior decorating to bring magic and healing into everyday spaces. Learn more here

We worked with HausWitch to design a collection of Secret Spells Pillows for their shop. Each pillow design was channeled for, "Protection, Comfort and Harmony". Shop the pillows here



Zoe Muse Fashion T-Shirt

Zoe Muse Fashion

ZOÉ MUSE is an one-woman driven fashion business with an international supporting community of creatives and passionate entrepreneurs behind it, based in Luxembourg. Learn more here

We collaborated with Zoe Muse in 2019 for a limited-edition run of t-shirt designs. We used my illustration "The Crowd" as the print for the shirt, and we completely sold out of the limited run!


Rosebud CBD 

Rosebud CBD is on a mission to inspire and empower you to take back your health and return to your natural self through the power of hemp. Learn more here

We collaborated with the Rosebud team to illustrate a custom postcard design that was include with each order placed with during the month of February.